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QleeQ Focvs™ Brand Improvement based on the Internet Intelligence

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About QleeQ Focvs™

QleeQ Focvs™ alog with QleeQ Sense™ lets you assess how visitors perceive and experience your brands, products, company, reputation and interests as well as your competitors’ and cooperators’.

QleeQ Focvs™ is a fully automatic, unbiased, credible and summarized feedback that comes in near real-time let you collect visitor details and improve your brands as well as generate leads. Those benefits are achieved via QleeQ's advanced analysis mechanism. QleeQ Focvs™ provides sophisticated lead-generation capabilities with detailed insight into how prospects feel about your SEO, SEM and other marketing campaigns, enabling you to optimize them in near real time.

QleeQ™ also provides a suite of tools for managing, analyzing and responding to feedback. QleeQ™ Services lets you understand what drives visitor behavior, identify aspects of campaigns that work and don't work, and receive alerts of issues you need to address.

Currently QleeQ™ allow customers to enjoy the free limited beta site; if you want to enjoy the full benefits, please sign in to one of our email us at Marketing@QleeQ.com

Note: When choosing a package, be sure to consider how many users and queries you'll need to accomplish your goals. Contact us to discuss your options with a sales consultant.

We wish you a happy Focvs-ing. The QleeQ™ team

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